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Originally Posted by DimSum View Post
I can't afford a 997TT. My budget is within the 996TT range, but after hearing from you said, it seems like the 996TT is a smart choice. I really do love the look of the 996. The only thing which the 997 I do like is the headlights. What is the average price for a 996TT on the market for an '03? I'll probably drive it stock for a year or two before I start doing the turbo upgrades.

The 997 C2S is quite nice, but I don't like how it doesn't have the slotted vents on the side panel...

Also how is the steptronic system on the 996? Is it any good? Or should I stick to manual?

Thanks for the input!

The side vents are for the turbo's intercoolers.

Porsche calls it Tiptronic. It's an auto gearbox with a torque converter. It's okay as far as automatics go, but shifting can be a bit slow for a sports car I'm told. Never drove one. I really dislike autos in a sports car.

I have not idea on current vaules as I have not shopped that market in a while.