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There is more diffence, like I said, the engine had 272hp as standard and the rear wheels got 244hp. Before the ECU upgrade. The US E46 M3 engine is not a good example, since it was raped for emissions control reasons by plugging in catalysators straight into the engine and by few other tricks that were nasty for it's power. But remember you have to dyno the engine too before you compare it with what you have on the wheels before you can get the real difference. E46 M3 is over 8 years old design, and BMW has made giant leaps in improving the powertrain during those 8 years.

but I can promise you that we pulled the engine out of your car and dynoed it.
My god! You pulled the engine out of my car without my consent or knowledge. When did this happen?!?! How much did it show on your dyno?!

P.S. uses RON 95 octane fuel for all their tests, which definitely takes some power from the high-performance cars. I always run on Shell V-power which is 99+ octane fuel, improves hps of most cars and reduces fuel consumption signifcantly compared to 95E/98E fuels that are offered by other chains besides Shell. Shell sells this 99+ octane V-power all over Europe, and developed it with Ferrari.

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