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No they don't contend with BMW in Europe either. Their engines are a joke, and their "quattro" transmission system loses between 15% and 25% of the engine's power and torque, instead of BMW's typical transmission loss which is only around 4%, so with BMW you get nearly all the engine power to the ground through your tyres, with Audi, forget about it. They're a premium brand of Volkswagen/Skoda - a joke with any serious performance driver who knows his stuff. Pretty much the european Lexus - copy whatever BMW and MB does and try to convey an image of quality, while all you do is share base-plates, engines and technology with cheap-o cars and "luxury" models such as Seat, Skoda, VW (cheapo), Audi and Lambo ("luxury"). The new Lambo Gallardo is absolutely hideous inside after VAG bought them, it looks like a frigging TT with absolutely crappy low quality interior materials on the cockpit, and this for a car that used to be able to challenge Ferrari in style. Lambo's are dead to any serious performance drivers thanks to the VW group/Audi.

Great idea with the Audi logo in the toilet bowl. I'll go check the nearest BMW shop tomorrow to see if they have any Audis at the second hand / traded cars department that could do without an Audi S or RS-logo and I'll attach that to my toilet for real.

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