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[quote=MHP;6402876]As hypocritical as this sounds from a die hard N/A guy after reading that (2.9s w/out passenger easily if not 2.8) I'm actually considering dumping the C63 and GT3 for a 2010 911 TT. ROFL. Just wow for factory performance. Now we just need a miracle to non piggyback tune it.

Unfortunately, the 0- whatever times are not going to be that much faster than the 997.1 turbo unless using launch control. Yes, PDK and the fact that PDK will also retain turbo boost between gear changes and another 20 hp helps, but LC is what really makes the new turbo's times drop.

I know there is always something bigger and better, but I'll bet the MY2013 991 turbo will have 570+ hp and gobs more torque with more honed in PDK, etc... Can you imagine?

With that said, how about the 2011 S's. Those are all that's left from what I hear. They'll be out in May or so. 539 hp, PCCB's standard, PDK IS the only gearbox. Starting price is $159,900.