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Originally Posted by DimSum View Post
Yeah, I was thinking the only reason why I would buy a 997 is because of the new headlight styling. But in-terms of performance, I can see why the TT can be a much better choice.

What major changes or fixes would need to be done on it? I know clutch is one, but in-terms of reliablity, is it worth it to invest $40K for an 03 or 04 996TT?

Headlight design, slab sided body, ugly flush door handles, lesser interior quality, 18" wheels, wheels with too little off set are a few of the differences.

If you're going to invest $40k in a 996 turbo, get a 997 turbo instead. It's a much better car and very easily modded like the 996. There are 560 hp+ 997's running around with only $4k in ECU mods. Or, just get a 997.2 C2S over any 996 turbo. It's pretty much as fast and much more fun, imo. You just won't have as much mid-range torque evident in the upper gears.

If you are fixed on a 996 turbo, look for the x50 option. It adds about 26-30 hp and much torque. It should not add that much to the price; maybe $4-5k. It went for $17k. x50 turbos run like they have more than another 30 hp.

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