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The L version of the 5er is supposedly to be sold in Europe in 2007 as well. At least that's what my reseller told me that they were informed from Münich that it'll be available in Europe as well. Sounds kind of strange, but that's what they insisted on.

I just wish BMW would put the N73B60 V12 on the E63 chassis. A 660i Coupé would be perfect, and the V12 is way too magnificent of an engine to keep just in the 7er. Given that the 6er is more of a Coupé version of the 7-series with it's luxury and gizmos, rather than of the 5er in my opinion (and it's pricing), it would be fitting. But this is just my wish, no facts or indications from BMW that this would ever happen. Damn, it almost feels like the incredible V12 goes to waste just in the 7er.

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