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Originally Posted by westwest888 View Post
I've seen no less than three RS4's on the road now, both as a pedestrian and while I was driving. The sound is UNDENIABLE - you're clearly looking at an RS4. It sounds like a spaceship. But I can't help but think the exterior looks like a $30,000 A4 2.0T with new bumper covers and some glue-on trim items like lip spoilers and door trim. $77k MSRP is a lot to swallow and there's not a lot of choice (1 option package, all or nothing). Audi's strategy is to offer one choice completed loaded from the parts bin.

I think the ///M3 will appeal to the enthusiast who wants choices. Choose transmission, body style (coupe, sedan, vert), choose extra luxury or weight savings, etc. Ultimately this will make it a better car and a better brand.
I don't know where you got your facts on a $77k MSRP with no options, but it isn't true. Go to Audi's website, you'll see that you can get the car without the premium package/rear side airbags. The first batch of RS4s all came equipped the same, if you wanted to order one at this point without the premium pacakge you would be able to, this was their plan from the get go and is documented in their inital press release to dealers that was floating aroudn on the internet in a pdf.

If you feel that the RS4 looks like an A4 2.0T than you have to admit that the M3 looks like a 325. With that being said, that's the point of teh RS4/M5/M3. It's not supposed to look like a supercar, it's jsut supposed to perform like one.