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BMW ///M Car Club "M Flight" (Europe)

My name is Hans and I am The President of a BMW Car Club named M Flight. It is headquartered out of Kaiserslautern (K-Town) Germany. M Flight is a BMW Car Club that I started out in June of 2008. It is exclusively for M series BMW's (M3, M5, M6, Z4M, X6M, X5M) regardless of year. Most of our members own the E46 M3's and E92/E90/E93 M3's. Our lead sponsor is Pentagon Car Sales, and Kreative Images (Ramstein AB KMCC) is also a sponsor and provides our club logos and does our custom Euro plates. We also receive discounts from AC Schnitzer, Hamann, Hartge, and ********** We currently have 110 members in the countries of Germany, France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Members in Germany are at some of the following locations; Kaiserslautern, Stuttgart, Ansbach, Spangdahlem, Bamberg, Baumholder, Hohenfels, Mannheim, Landstuhl, Vilsek/Grafenwohr, Trier, Wiesbaden, Oberhausen etc.... We also have members in the states whom have moved/PCS'd from the European region. We have visited Tuning companies such as AC Schnitzer in Aachen, Hamann in Laupheim, and Hartge in Beckingen. We have also visited the BMW Welt/Museum and BMW ///M "HQ"/"GMBH" in Garching-Hochbruck Munich. In 2010 we will visit tuners such as G Power, Alpina and Lumma. If you own an M series BMW and are interested in joining, please contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
Some of the most fun you will have being a member of M Flight is to be part of a convoy on the German Autobahn doing speeds of over 100 miles per hour, single file in the left lane, with more than 20 M series BMW's. It is definitely a head turner. Everyone is amazed when they see 20 to 30 M3's, M5's rolling in single file. Sometimes, just for a moment (as to not hold up traffic) we go 3 wide on the Autobahn!
Take Care!
"M Flight Lead"
e-mail: big_bro_t @

Hans Trower
///M Flight Founder and President
///M Flight For Life

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