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Originally Posted by Donbona View Post
In a perfect world (for me)..I would have the same performance figures in the M3.. I think the interior and exterior are better than the Porker..
I think the whole 911 shape has been played out....
Now the Carrera GT on the other hand... well...
As good as the M3 maybe it is not in the same league as far as interior quality or beauty. The turbo comes standard with full leather which is gorgeous alone -full dash, doors, rear seats, quarters, PCM surround, A pillars, etc..., not to mention all of the other standard goodies. The exterior appearance is subjective, but clearly the paint quality is a few steps above the M3; not nearly the orange peel the M has.

It's cool if you feel that the 911 shape has been played out, but to consider the interior/exterior quality the same is just ignoring what is in plain sight.