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I Drive Slow To Save Gas :D
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I once ordered some tires from Sears. Went home and spoke to my dad, he went on ebay, found the same set of tires for half the price. They were brand new take-off's with 5 miles on them:-) Called sears asked them to cancel my order. They charged me a 20% restocking fee, even though the warehouse didn't ship them out! They packaged it, You bet i went berserk!

4 tires at 900 dollars and 20% off that! holy smokes!
that's like half a tire! anyways i spoke to the service manger and he said nothing he can do!
Called my dad and he came in. Bought a lawyer with him too:-) we have connections!

What did they do. The denied and later we set a court date. They could of just not charged me 20% fee and none of this would of happened. But will i do business with sears again. Probably not, But i did learn my lesson to take things slow and ask questions:-)

Cashonly, im going to be straight with you, i have no reputation on this forum or nor do i need to name for myself.
You have no patience nor respect. Not everyone is as smart as you
People make mistakes. Im sure your not Mr. Perfect but The OP did make a mistake and owned up to it, yes the Vendor is wrong for insulting him. But uou my friend are a