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Originally Posted by vantage
Does anyone one else here besides me just not like turbos at all? i mean, granted, you get more torque....and the engine responds more consistently in different temperatures. HOWEVER, here's all the downsides to turbo engines to consider:

1) Forced induction takes away the true sound of the engine....i have yet to hear a turbo engine that sounds better than a normal aspirated one.

2) The way turbo engines work, the use the power from the exhaust, and channel it back into the engine. This creates a lot of added pressure on the engine, and also causes a greater build up of heat. Now i know people are going to argue that this has all been taken care of with modern technology, and the new 335i is really good...blah blah blah.... yes, turbo's are definately not as bad as they were in previous years, HOWEVER, the physics is still the same. No matter how well engineered a turbo engine is, it still gets its power from the same place.

3) They dont feel natural. This may be my own description of what a car should feel like, but i think turbo engines respond very unnaturally. (Note: this may not be true for the new 335i, as i have not driven it yet)

In my opinion, a turbo engine, however well engineered it is, will never overall be better than a naturally aspirated one. it may be a little more powerful, but probably at the cost of something life span.
I don't want BMW's twin-turbo 335i, nor do I want a turbo'd M car. I had twin sequential turbos on my 1.3-L rotary-powered Type FD Rx7 R1. Turbo power plants are harder to drive well, especially in the wet. I love the naturally aspirated power plant in my current E36 M3/4. Power delivery is linear and predictable. It's easier to drive at full speed on an opentrack. The FD Rx7 was fast--sure--no doubt, but I lost 2 motors to heat soak with that car. Turbos? Never again...