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Originally Posted by Nushabeh
Turbos all the wa! Lets look at the record of it now, theres AMG using superchargers and is just outdoing everyone on power. Then you gotmitsubishi and subaru who prove that you can use turbos in mainstream cars that last a long time. reliability and power for cheap, why not? airplane engine manufacturers discovered turbo technology a long tiem and have been using it to up their power for free... BMW needs more turbos to keep up with the competition from AMG. Cmon now
If you notice...AMG is gettting away from forced induction...most of their new AMG cars a large displacement naturally aspirated engines.

The ///M cars will and should remain NA...I'd rather have a naturally aspirated engine anyday. I have limited experience with forced induction - but I do have a Subaru Legacy GT Ltd. which has a 2.5L Turbo...250hp. It's pretty fast (13.9 1/4 mile) in stock form and has a lot of torque but the characteristics are much different than the S54. Yes, I can mod it and get a lot more HP out of it pretty easily but the power delivery still feels artificial...and the lag is very annoying.