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I know this is the answer you probably do not want to hear, but the weather is very variable around this time of year. If it is dry, you can just drive home without any worries - my M3 with summer performance tires does perfectly fine on dry tarmac even down to 25F, so I can't imagine the X5 being any worse.

Now if it DOES snow, the good news is that clean-up crews in the NYC area are pretty good, and the snow doesn't normally stick around for more than a couple of days, anyway. You can probably give it 12-24 hours and hit the road after a snowstorm without any chains or snow tires. Heck, if the snow isn't heavy, you can probably head out during the snow storm, as long as you drive carefully. But on performance wheels, I would not recommend it.

The verdict? Depends on how much free time you have. If you are on a very strict timetable and can't risk getting back to Miami a minute late, then you might want to bring chains or snow tires with you. But if you have a few days' leeway, you can probably just drive it down, and camp it out at a friends' place/hotel if a snowstorm crosses your path.

Hope this helps, and best of luck

P.S. - I assume you're referring to NYC. Upstate is a whole other story, they get tons of snow, and it usually takes awhile there to melt.

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Hey New Yorkers, I'm curious to know how bad it gets at the end of January? I'm flying up there from Miami to pick up an X5 4.8i with the 20'' wheels Sport Pack. Need to know how bad the snow gets and if I should get snow chains? Anyone with a X5 please chime in or if anyone can give me a good idea of what to expect.

I'm thinking I probably should get chains but would like to know how the highways are, since I'll be driving back down to Miami around that last weekend in January. TIA for any info.....