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Originally Posted by david06M3
OK. Let's compare a M3 CSL to the 997 S. Similar horses (M3 360hp/ 997 S 355hp), similar weight (M3 3200/ 997 S 3100)... Both cars were built to be true sports cars, no? This is more an apples to apples comparison.

Even with ceramic brakes and PASM the 997 S is NOWHERE near a 7:50 around the Nurburgring. Where the CSL has an unfair advantage over the 997 S is in the handling department. The Carrera GT's 1.35g skidpad doesn't match the CSL's 1.4g. Top Gear didn't even compare the CSL to the 997 S.

They felt a better comparison was the CSL to the GT3. The GT3 won around their track, but the CSL run was classified a wet run because of weather conditions.

I know it's pure speculation to say it until it's here (but you started it).
The e92 M3 cupholders and all, will be quicker and handle better than the 997 S.
You missed something... CSL had R-Comps, 997 Did not. That's a huge time difference right there, and that also accoutns for the grip difference.

Case closed.