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Originally Posted by ward
keep in mind the only current engine to have mag/al tech is the straight 6

the new M3 motor is supposedly based on the M5 V-10 which is aluminum

a V-8 block would weigh more than an I-6 block with the same construction, then throw on top of that the MG/AL weight saving, but deduct the valvetronic weight adder (new M will not be valvetronic)

look at weights on older 3 series, the coupe and sedan are at a dead heat for weight.

The M3 will kick butt, and be seriously fast. The bad part is that it's a grand tourer now, old man car if you a 6 series or an M5
You missed a huge point in your comparison, and that is that the current I6 is not Alum. It is cast iron. In all likelyhood the new V8 will not weigh any more than the current engine.