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Originally Posted by yemenmocha
I fully agree with the previous poster, but I think maybe a little higher for the base model. You might see an initial low $60's base model but it will not be a buyable car (everyone will have at least some options, plus dont forget the likely gas guzzler tax in the $2k range).

Realistically, a middle of the road configuration - low $70's.
Fully loaded may reach $80k.

The current e46 M3 can reach $72k already.

And look at the competition, the RS4 is into the mid $70's and people are lining up to buy it.
We're not talking about max price here or averag eprice. We're talking about base price. People are not lingin up to buy RS4s. I can get you one tommorow at MSRP if you like. Also, BMW M cars have ALWYAYS been priced lower than RS series Audis.