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Originally Posted by MI6
Base on new M3 will not be 55k........ You cannot compare old technology and old prices with current situation. New Bimmers, especially M's are PACKED with more technology than the Space Shuttle and when you consider that the dollar is much weaker now than it was when the old models came out BMW AG cannot afford to sell a new M3 with a base of 55k...

Case in point- the New M5. Base price is 81.2k, a base 550i is 58.5k. That's
a whopping 22.7k difference in price. Base price of new 335i is 40k- base price of new M3 will be at least 59-60k or approx. 20k diff...

Sorry, the truth hurts...........

My advice is if you want an M3 for 55k than go to your local dealer right now
and get an E46 M3- I heard you can get a GREAT deal........
I have presented numerical evidence on this thread and others, in terms of historical price increases (in percentage) and model comparisons. You have grabbed arbitrary absolute difference in prices and applied them indescrimintely.

Yeah the truth is going to hurt... when you realize that you're way off base.

My advice is to stop being so smug.