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Originally Posted by bmwexecutive
That's what I'd like to know. I plan on putting down a deposit within the next few months, but only with a dealer that will lease it to me for no more than $1,000 over invoice. I'll be faxing many dealers --- around 40.

I'll have to back out though if the base price is more than $60K. I won't be able to afford more than $850/month and that's around where I picture it for a $65,000 MSRP (or course I'd want some options included in that price)

You're wasting your time, no dealer is going to take an order for $1000 over invoice on a car that there are waiting lits for, is a few years off, and that has historically fetched over MSRP in many areas.

I'm not saying that once the cars start coming in that you wont be able to get a deal, but no dealer is going to agree to that sort of pricing at this point in time.