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Originally Posted by kujo
Not downplaying the RS4, just downplaying the Audi experience.
I was never comparing it to my S4's either.

75K for a car, that you'll have to PRAY isn't plagued with issues.
If it is, I'll feel sorry for you, as you'll be in an a4 loaner more than your car.
You'll still make the payments and AoA won't give a rats a$$.

Don't forget the fast Audi depreciation value as well.

The S4 I traded in, was worth $800 more than the 330ZHP I bought (kbb values) and it stickered for 8K less, so.......(same year, same mileage, etc...)

The RS4 is amazing.
Seen it. Driven it, hard.

I just won't give Audi/VAG any more of my hard earned money.

After 6 VAG cars, I'm done with the ' Audi Experience '........

I hear you. But in my case, if I was ready for a car now, I wouldn't buy. Rather, I would lease the RS4 for 2 years until my M3 arrives. Then, I would take out a longer lease on the M3. No worries or hassles with trade-ins.