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Originally Posted by 517
No kiddin'. I'm tired of waiting... Although there isn't much to guess at.

1. The front end looks like it will look pretty much the same as the M5/6; it seems the look for M cars is a big mouth with a couple scoops on either side without foglights.

2. The side rocker is obviously gonna have some flair to it behind the door, like the M6, that's why it's been camo'd.

3. The rear will have duel twin exhausts obviously, with some sort of aero scoop between them, like the M5.

4. The hood will obviously have a power dome/bulge due to the camo.

5. Add the kidney grills and there you have it.

I hope those wheels aren't pre-production models, though. I'd like to see an M6 type, not these tons 'o spoke design.
your soooo right, i kno it too lol but i still wanna see exactly how it looks and its getting annoying lol. about the rimz i was thinking mayb 6 double spokez if you get me, not 5 spoke coz the m6 has it but not 10 spoke like the m5, something in between ( i think the m5 has 10 spokez lol)