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Can you say 75K

My best bud had a 99' M3 that was fully optioned for 45k. I had an 02' SMG
M3 coupe w/19's all options for 60k. That's a 15k diff. My bet is the new M will be between 73-75k w/all options. The E39 M5 listed for 73k w/all options and a 400HP motor. This car will have at least that much and is obviously much newer in design. Not to mention the Audi RS4 is 73k.

Could it be lower? Sure, maybe 70k fully loaded but I doubt it. Again the E39 was 73k, the new M5 w/all options is around 90k again about 15k diff. The current M3 cab is 65k alone, would one really expect a brand NEW model with almost a 100HP more and all the new changes to be just 5k more? No way...

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