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Pentagon car sales is not a military/gov run company. It was started by a military guy and his wife stationed in Germany to give U.S. Military/DOD contractors who are stationed overseas (that is the mandotory, you have to meet these stipulation or they wont deal with you) the opportunity to purchase a new BMW/Mini/Saab minus taxes and under MSRP. Pentagon Cars Sales negoitates the price of the car and options with BMW beforehand and gives the customer that price plus a small markup for business expenses (when you go in to there office you don't negoitate, it is pretty much take it or leave it). The best part is no matter what BMW you want from a base 3 series to a fully loaded M6 they will get if for you below any price you can get it in the states. It is unlike a normal car dealership because that don't keep a large inventory of cars on hand, depending on the location they will have between 3-12 new cars available for inspection and test drive. So in most case your car is made to order (similar to burger king, you tell them the color and the options you want and a few weeks or a month later you have a car). But that also means if you want a brand new BMW you will probably not get it the same day you walk in. There sales associates are some of the best to deal with, no ride alongs on the test drive "take her on the autobahn see what she can do" (E46 M3 wow) and no pressure to buy. Here is the website you can check them out they are no the level. Ask anybody who has been station in Germany.