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Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
You know why he reacted the way he did? Because he is sick and tired of idiots not reading his descriptions, and he has to eat the cost. Is his response good customer service? Of course not. Is it warranted? Absolutely.

Why on earth would he pay for the return shipping if YOU made the mistake? It is YOUR responsibility to ship it back since you ordered the wrong item. 20% restocking fee is reasonable, since he had to pay his employee to get the item off the shelf, pack it, and ship it to you. Now his employee has to receive your return, unpack it, examine it, and then put it back on the shelf.

Next time just read the COMPLETE for sale post, that way you can save yourself and the seller this headache.
Ever thought why I escalated the matter to Ebay's dispute system? It's because of his lack of professionalism. Warranted or not, we all know we should never strike down on a retail customer like that. NEVER.

As for a 20% restocking fee, it could have been reasonable if the return shipping label was included. We're not talking about a full exhaust kit here. His employee is packing and receiving an item thats less than a pound, which would only take about less than half an hour. Now lets dissect that even more. They still would have made a profit on it despite losing time on the RMA and on the shipping label. Thing is they wanted to capitalize on it. Their agenda was pre-printed. And I think its safe to assume they got something against Californians (after reading the contact page on the website).

But I do have to agree with you, I will read the fine print next time. But will I bow down to that kind of insulting rebuttals? Never.

Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
Oh come on. I mean I can see how you might say that the seller is justified in not caving on the 20%, but anyone who acts like that is an idiot. If someone spoke to me like that (to my face), they would be picking their teeth out of the back of their damn head. Just say, "look I understand that you made a mistake, but we cannot credit you the 20% restocking fee." Just act like you have some respect for other human beings - it really isn't that much to ask.
Originally Posted by Ca$hOnly View Post
You must not work in customer service. Trust me. After dealing with people like this over and over and over again, anyone's patience will be put to the test.
Thank you's that respect our whole world lacks. Wish there was more of it. Ca$hOnly, I get haggled, threatened, b!tched at on the phone all day long...NEVER will I go down the road in insulting my customer's IQ. We're the professionals. We know our products more than the consumer. It's our due diligence to educate them on their mishaps rather than talking them down. And from how I hear it, you've been in the business for a long time. You know this Cardinal rule.