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Deposits and Mark Ups?

I spun by the dealer today to inquire about deposits being taken for the next M3. The guy had a weird look on his face as though to say this early? I guess no ones put down a deposit yet. Whats the deal with where you all live? Anyone put one down yet? I would gladly put a deposit down for one, however he clearly indicated that there would be a hefty mark up. I have owned CL-55's, SL-500/55's CLK-55's, and just purchased my S550 a few months back and was able to get them at MSRP. These were all purchased within the first month available to the public, and dealers wanted $$$$ over sticker. I have yet to buy a bimmer that was highly sought after for a mark up. However, I was able to purchase the 6 series at MSRP when they first came out. I choose not too.

Did anyone purchase the 2001 model M3's for sticker when they first came out?