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Originally Posted by Jack28
Ya almost every car manufacture that puts out a car now is using forced induction. It would really be nice to see a Twin Turbo BEAST M3 out..Wow i can only Imagin and would love to have one, But I think there are gonna use the V8 that derives from the V10 on the M5/M6's. That engine will have the TRUE no lag, Crisp Trottle Response that No turbo can provide. I think that engin is gonna have a Beefy low end Torque and Superior High Reving which will be insane. I would love to have eaither one but would prefer the V8.
I personally dont think the Turbo's/Engine in the New BMW's are gonna be like the Supra, STi, Evo etc...Turbos
Yup the new M3 engine is just the V10 from the M5/M6, except they lopped off 2 cylinders. I prefer the naturally aspirated V8 over any kind of turbo setup too. Plus, having a turbo engine in an M3 just seems odd