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1999 BMW 328i

The 328i offers a combination that's increasingly rare in sedans at this price segment: rear-wheel drive and an available manual transmission. That's the package true driving enthusiasts prefer, and BMW's commitment to this combination speaks volumes about the company's priorities.

Other cars in this price range surpass the 328i in significant areas. The Oldsmobile Aurora has far more room inside. The Lexus ES 300 is smoother, and as quiet as an attack submarine in stealth mode. The Acura TL has more equipment for less cash, and Audi's A4 offers the all-season advantages of all-wheel drive. Yet with a thorough redesign for the 1999 model year, BMW has closed the gap in areas where the 328i previously fell short, and eliminated any discrepancy in others. A 3 Series owner won't give up much of anything to be entertained by a true sports sedan.

If driving satisfaction is a top priority, the 328i should top your shopping list.