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Originally Posted by Levit
Its all about exclusivity. I remeber when I had an E36 M3 (when it was new) the biggest problem most of us were talking about were the 328i owners would would put on the bumpers and then the M3 badge too!!! So BMW responded by making it harder to fake the car into an M3 by making changes to the sheetmetal itself and inclduing those vents which are cut into the fenders themselves. Of course anything can still be fakes but this cuts down on the fakers by a factor of 10. It will be interesting to see what extra special item bmw puts into this new generation.
one of the reasons why the e36 m3 was sooo subdued (and looked like the non-M versions unlike the e30 and e46 iterations) was that, in germany (or maybe even in europe) at that time, the greens were very much up and about. what bmw didn't want at that time was a backlash from them in building such a 'monster' car ... at least that's one of the things i read.