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As mentioned on my previous post, I now know I was at fault at a certain degree. I was willing to compromise, but when I read this on their contact page on their website:

"-Call Us

Please Observe Business hours--What does that mean-it means if its 6PM on the west coast --thats you Cali, please don't call 17 times leaving 6 messages about how we never answer our phone-when we have been closed for a few hours. Nothing starts the next business day off better then 6 angry messages."

and also after reading that last response from them, I got on the defensive side.

I was mislead because of the fact that the AC module tends to break as whole and not just buttons...It's a commonly known E39 flaw. So when I clicked on it, and saw that the deal was $50 cheaper than the competition. I made a run for it...but sadly, ran with the wrong item...and later on, learned i ran with the wrong vendor...

and being in the retail automotive business, I personally would never do such a thing: Attacking the issue and worse insulting the customer's background.