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It s simple.

The new 3 series coupe is already 10cm longer than the outgoing e46 m3. If they can manage the same weight it would be a fantastic job of bmw. But for me it s not enough. I have owned an E46 m3 and drove one on track last monday. The m3 is more a GT car then a race car for the street which it once was. It went already the wrong way with the bigger E36 m3 after the E30 M3. I see images of the E30 dtm car in my mind.

I own an a 130i msport with a lsd and that s a real good handling car. My hopes are set on a M2 coupe to replace the 130i. If bmw doesn t make it. I possible go shop for a secondhand GT3.

For all youre highway cruisers and burnouts the v8 m3 will be a dream to drive. But for the corners the potential of an M2 could rock youre socks.
Yea well the M3 will never get smaller, its impossible. The e30 m3 was a big monstrosity compared to the 2002. its all relative right? I think its not about the name brand of the car but what car is right for you, if the e92m3 is too big for you, dont be worried about "the m3 getting big and bloated", just say its too big for me and the 130i is a better size for me. Youll be much happier that way.