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Originally Posted by TLud View Post
I see what happened. You marked the speed trap, and the alarm you heard from the RD was just reminding you that you marked that location, not that there was any radar being used at the moment at that location. If you marked that location, it will go off at that spot every time, regardless of whether there's a cop there or not. The cop obviously had shut off the radar, which is why you didn't get an earlier warning.
Ugh, I guess I am not explaining this very well. I marked a spot on Allen Pkwy (where I got my ticket) the spot where I saw the cop was about a mile and a half after that point. He was still in his car, presumably writing a ticket for the person he had pulled over and I saw him from a clear distance, but it was not until about 25-50 yards from his cruiser until my RD went off. Is that normal? I don't understand why it would not go off sooner, as in when I saw him from 200 yards away, if it were to go off at all.

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