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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Ummm... no, IMO. EDC+ alone will add at least $1000 to the $1200 of the 19" option plus the suspension tweaks, possibly a new steering wheel (the Performance Wheel without the electronic is a big possibility) and some alcantara bit in the interior.

I forsee a no less than $5000 ZCP...
Yeah, I wasn't thinking, I was considering the EDC and 19"s a given because I'm thinking in terms of my car (no 19"s though). I think you're right, the price will approximate that of the E46 ZCP option, $4,500 I think it was.

As for Alcantara bits, no thanks there too. I can still pull the plug, my dealer is okay with it, but I'm seeing no reason to hold out for this. The one thing that might get my attention is beefier brakes but honestly I won't track this car anyway.
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