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Turbos all the wa! Lets look at the record of it now, theres AMG using superchargers and is just outdoing everyone on power. Then you gotmitsubishi and subaru who prove that you can use turbos in mainstream cars that last a long time. reliability and power for cheap, why not? airplane engine manufacturers discovered turbo technology a long tiem and have been using it to up their power for free... BMW needs more turbos to keep up with the competition from AMG. Cmon now

Listen, you make a good point about AMG-Mercedes. But the fact is, when I look at that list you show me, all it says is: "These are the companies that have the lack of engineering ability or dedication to get to their goals without FI". Lets make a list of companies who reach their performance goals without FI.. Ferrari, Porsche (Gt3 race cars), Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Honda/Acura.

Ferrari could easily tack on a turbo on their cars, but why don't they? or anyone else on that list. For mercedes, their cars aren't particularly good as sports cars, are terrible as competitve racing cars and don't really offer much in terms of engineering these days. So what they bank on his high styling (beautiful automobiles) and big HP numbers on paper, the combination of these two has been a windfall for benz. Because these two things are their guiding priciples, they can effectivly throw out other principles held by many automakers. Mercedes for example, has no real AMG heritage on their back, so they can do as they please from that aspect, they also are not involved in any kind of competitve racing so they can forget about designing cars with rules in mind.

BMW-M division on the other hand only exists because of its racing heritage, once that is lost then the entire divisions existence would be in jeopardy (that is the same reason Ferrari still competes in F1 racing, its entire history rests on professional racing). Because of this, BMW will always be involved in racing and will have to build cars that can be raced on a track (ie, no turbos). Now Non-M cars don't have to adhere to this and exist to make the company more profit, so of course the use of turbos, and production of SUVs become more realistic. However BMW-M division will never make a turbo engine, or an X5-M for the same exact reason, it has no purpose to them.