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So, is it fair to say that the new, March-production MY2011 M3 ZCP will likely consist of...

- EDC as a required addition, or included
- 19" GTS style wheels in Silver with standard staggered tire sizes (in other words wheels only changed)
- 1cm (0.4") lowered suspension with modified EDC "Sport" parameters, presumably leaving "Comfort" and "Normal" unchanged
- Possibly the option of selecting a "retro" color, I've heard Dakar Yellow but this was speculation based on that color being part of the M3 Edition offering

This is similar to what happened with the E46 M3 ZCP as I recall.

In addition as part of the LCI changes for MY2011 we will see LED rear tail lamps but is it fair to say not the revised headlights of the regular E92 coupe as that would require a new M3 bumper which is shared by all the E9x M3 variants?

The E46 M3 ZCP included a steering rack change and a brake upgrade. This far it seems that's not likely this time. Ditto on any engine tune and exhaust change, not likely this time.

It would seem that the E9x M3 ZCP will be a track or "competition" wheel/suspension package with a corresponding modification to the EDC.

No brake, exhaust, or power/tune upgrades. Maybe a restricted color choice although the order system didn't show it.

Good news is that this ZCP ought to cost less than it did for the E46. If the above assumptions are right.


I'm probably going ahead with my MY2010. I don't need, wouldn't use, and likely couldn't stand ZCP on our crappy roads. It's one of the reasons I didn't spec the 19" option already.
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