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Originally Posted by ecksreturns View Post
After reading this thread, what I understand is that swapping the 08 buttons/knobs for the 09 one w/the console isn't the problem, its the compatibility of the software with the CIC? Please explain if I am mistaken.

I really want to upgrade the CCC for the CIC and I am ready to take the financial plunge. So Technic , any updates? Does the CIC work in the 08 M3?
The CIC requires a two step programming/coding process to install in a 2008:

1) program the CIC to the car to recognize the vehicle model and all its options. This step configures the CIC to "talk" and control all the vehicle's options and service/maintenance data. Once this is done the unit will function like it actually came with the car from factory, with one exception:

2) load three files named FSC enabling codes to "turn on"/enable the Navigation system and the Voice Control.

No BMW dealer is able to perform step #1 with their ISTA/P system, and step #2 requires that step #1 is done first at the dealer. The reason of this is that for ISTA/P to code the CIC in a 2008 it requires that the CIC/HD screen/controller be part of the Vehicle Order, which BMW will not change as it could create software incompatibilities in other modules at the time of any software update. That's an automatic warranty void for the whole electrical system in the car, not only for the iDrive. I explained this issue in previous posts.

However, step #1 can be performed by either the software tools named NCS Expert or possibly by Autologic. I know of a couple of guys that have used NCS Expert and have done successfully step #1. I will be trying the Autologic route soon. I don't know where to find NCS Expert (it is an "Internet underground" software) and all the hardware parts required for the interface to the car, so don't ask me please... that's the reason that I'm choosing Autologic for my retrofit.

Either software tool is capable of programming the CIC in particular without any other module being programmed, and much less any Vehicle Order being changed. The only requirement for this to work is to have the car be updated with the latest code before the installation of the CIC. I did that and it seems that the CIC works much better with my Assist and Bluetooth, even without any programming yet.

One way of not requiring any CIC programming is to be lucky enough and get a CIC from a vehicle configured exactly like yours. That takes care of step #1 in one shot without any programming required. That will get the CIC to be ready for step #2.

Unfortunately, for step #2 BMW is not generating any FSC for non-2009 vehicles. In other words, BMW will not give you any FSC if your car did not come with a CIC from factory. And the worst is that, even if you can get the FSC codes somehow, somewhere, nobody so far has been able (or willing) to describe how to load those three files into the CIC. The BMW dealer will not be able to load them with ISTA/P as -stated above- that requires a Vehicle Order change and NCS Expert does not load any files only codes.

The last resort is again Autologic, and they are working on a solution... if possible.

Any other ideas or solutions will be welcome.