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Originally Posted by MJE M3 View Post
Nicely done! Thanks for post!

Gintani gets my vote for the best sound but impossible to tell if it's too loud. I want a louder deeper sound - one that will turn heads when it starts up and under acceleration but one that won't cause my neighbors to come knocking at my door.

So hard to tell... I want performance gains but when it comes down to it your buying this for sound IMO.
I'm the guy with the full Gintani set-up in the vid, and some of my neighbors already hate me for having it.

It's a really hardcore, RAW sound that isn't suited for the average M3 owner.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: My full Gintani catless exhaust will not suit 99.99% of all M3 owners, and they will not be able to live with it on a daily basis. My set-up is best for a weekend car.

With all that said, I'm still sticking with my set-up since I so badly crave for all the extra attention I get from the public because of it. Plus, it really does sound so damn good!