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Originally Posted by creasyb001 View Post
I'm lowered on Eibachs. And the manufacturer of the wheels doesn't release offsets but recommend 275/30/19 and says "you may be ok with 285/30/19." I definitely don't want 30 series on the back unless it's at least a 285 width so that the sidewall with equal the front sidewall. They are 19" diameter, 10" wide on rear, 9" wide on front.
Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
What manufacturer doesn't release offsets? Sounds like a crappy manufacturer? Any respectable manufacturer will release the offset to the original owner. Are you not the original owner of the wheels. If that's the case, I can see them not releasing the wheels as they might not know exactly what it is.
Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
Yup it is impossible to make a rec without knowing the width and offset. But Obviously 285/30 will have a thicker side wall vs. 275/30 and will be more likely to rub.

Not giving out wheel offset is totally unacceptable, its like buying a car without knowing how many hp it makes.

I feel for you man.

I told you some of these wheel brands weren't going to give you the offsets. (remember?)

Now you can see why I was telling you to demand this info UPFRONT.

With certain brands, that's the only way you will ever get them to release this important wheel fitment info. (if at all)

It's also the only time in the entire process where you have any real leverage.

What brand/model did you end up getting anyway?
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