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415 hp?

Article says 415 hp for M3.. Interesting...

New BMW M3 Coupe First Spy Photos
by Hans G. Lehmann
Copyright by Lehmann Photo-Syndication

Convertible caught with top down

The powerful M-version of BMWs 3-series is scheduled for launch next year only. The 3-series M will be available as coupe, convertible and four door. For the first time power will come from a V8 powerplant. It is a 4.0 litre engine delivering 415 HP, transmission is a seven speed SMG gearbox. A traditional six-speed manual transmission will be offered as an option.

Four photos from this set are showing for the first time an M3 coupe prototype from all angles on a test drive in Munich featuring the large air intakes at the front end, wider fenders and four exhaust pipes. Another year later BMW will launch an M3 convertible - and a four door version.

Two more photos are showing the 3-series coupe in full showroom trim (these two photos were mildly computer generated). The 3-Series coupe will also get power from BMWs new six cylinder Bi turbo engine delivering 300 HP. Clearly visible on the prototype: the corresponding two exhaust pipes.

Another two photos are of the upcoming new 3-series convertible with the top down, the other photo is from our files and shows the retractable steel roof as close up.