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Originally Posted by TheOne View Post
You're absolutely right Ben,

In terms of getting passed by other vehicles, it doesn't bother me that they can pass me by...You're right who cares, an idiot in a crappy car with bald tires can pass us by any day :-) and I'm sure most of the time most of us wouldn't even wanna catch them :-) my concern is the steering wheel feed back and the responsiveness is gone and I don't nearly feel as safe to drive as I usually do, IMHO my wrong choice has changed the driving characterestics that I always expect from my BMWs, and I've been a tad lucky to own a few of them.

Are you happy with your own compromise?
Do you do alot of deep snow driving?
Glad we agree ..fact is even when my Audi had snow tires, I was being blown-by in blizzard conditions by people with more guts than brains. It's inevitable some people think they are invincible no matter what car they are in.

The compromised responsiveness is what I signed up for when I bought the snows. Do I regret it? Yes at first, but it's what I'll need since this is not an Audi anymore. I do not believe this car will perform as good(with snow sports) as my as my Audi did with 19" sport snow tires - hence I ended up with less responsive tires to make up for it. After driving my car in our first "snow storm"(Ha!) I decided I will look for a beater. Simply because damaging my exhaust is more than buying a beater. So for those frozen days, it'll be the beater, but otherwise I'm not afraid to take the m3 out. Even if I plow my streets all the way through.

Like other's said, you can't have it all. Consider selling them for new ones, or buy a beater like a lot of others do.

I lived and learned when I bought winter wheels I wasn't too fond of, decided to sell them for pretty cheap only with a months use - so you're not the only one to make mistakes when you rush.

In regards to bmw driving behaviour, I actually find that the DSC controls the car better in slippery conditions than my Audi's ESP did. I was testing corners around my neighbourhood, while this car might not get off the line as good, but definitely takes the cake when turning in the current conditions. My old car would power slide even when my traction is triggered. This car not so much, feels very planted for some odd reason; perhaps it was the tires?