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Buyers Beware: Do NOT Buy from!!!

So a few days ago, I was in the market to buy an OEM piece I needed to replace in my car. My AC Module Screen was going wack for a while and realized I had some spare cash to do a little maintenance work. Went on Ebay to buy and found a vendor called ongreenperformance. The item was shipped swiftly and I must commend them on that. Unfortunately though, it was just buttons and not the screen I needed. And from there, it went downhill.

See how this came about via Ebay's messaging system:

From me:

"Hello, I had received the item just recently. Unfortunately I was under the impression that this also included the pixel screen. May I get the complete module? Thank you."

From ongreenperformance:

"The Pixel screen is built into the control module, unfortunately we don't sell that, your only two options there is either to find one used, or buy a new one from BMW. Let us know if we can help you further.
On Green Performance"

From me:

"If that is the case, I would like to place a return for this item since it is pertinent that I get the screen. Thats what is needed to be replaced. How do I go about in placing the return? The item has not been installed."

From ongreenperformance:

"As long as the item is brand new in the packaging and unused unopened you can return it. Its a 20% restock fee. Return the item along with a copy of your original invoice and a note as to reason for return-ordered wrong item to:
On Green Performance-Returns
PO Box 70128
Rosedale MD 21237

On Green Performance"

From me:

"Wow, 20%. I guess that should cover the return shipping cost and your profit margin quite well. For future reference, you should indicate that in your ads due to its significant high percentage value. Anyway as mentioned in the previous email, it's never installed. I didn't even take it out of the plastic bag it came with. I do hope I don't get penalized for ripping up the USPS packaging since that's the only way to open it up. Before sending this item out, I wanted to be certain that return shipping is under your tab due to the high restocking fee. Please advise, thank you."

From ongreenperformance:

"The Shipping box is of no concern to us as long as the plastic sleve is still intatced and sealed, and none of the buttons have been removed. Return policy as listed-
-Item must be Brand new in original unopened packaging
-20% Restocking fee on all Returns
-No Returns on Electrical items
-No Returns on Used Parts
-Buyer responsible for all S&H fees

We do not pay for return shipping and we don't refund the orginal shipping cost. Have a Good New Years
On Green Performance"

From me:

"I understand that I will not be refunded the shipping cost to me, but I will not tolerate the fact that you're expecting me to cover the shipping back to you when it would only cost less than $5 which still gives u a decent profit margin from your restocking fee. I'm trying to be fair here. But if you insist on these terms, you leave me no choice but to file a dispute with the basis that your ad did not indicate such a return policy and that the ad was not clear on the item's specifics. It's your call to lose on all of your restocking fee. Happy Holidays as well."


From ongreenperformance:

"Its not our fault that reading comprehesnion is not a skill you have. Read the damn listing it could not be more clear that is only a button set copied exactly from our listing-"You are bidding on a Brand New from BMW in BMW Packaging Climate Control Button Set for the below listed applications. These are BMW OEM Buttons, BMW knew the digital climate control buttons where prone to breaking so they released this button set, this is NOT a climate control unit, but just a front panel with buttons, its designed to take the buttons off you need to replace your old, worn out and cracked buttons on your unit"

It clearly states this is NOT a Climate control unit, and the set is to take off the buttons you need and put it on your unit. It can't be more clear, we have sold hundreads of these and your the first person ever to have reading comprehesnion probleam. Also our Refund policy is clearly stated on the Shipping and payment tab on the listing. Go to the listing and click the shipping in payment tab its right there to read. And lastly for gods sake look at the frigen picture on the listing theres no way it could be a module or have a screen in it, its white were the screen would be is your screen white-no its not. I mean I know the average IQ in Califonia is 100 pionts lower but seriously."

I guess I just became another victim of Ebay. I guess it was my mistake for not closely reading into the fine print nor did I click on all the tabs. I guess I've just been spoiled by the higher level customer service that vendors in our forums commit too. But that last response from them, definitely left a sour taste in my mouth. I've already went ahead and filed a dispute with Ebay and Paypal. At this point, I don't really care if I get the money back. But what I do know is I won't let this business be given another chance to conduct business with any of my BMW Brethren without a proper "heads up" to you. So let this be a warning to you guys.

Lesson Learned: Beauty is not skin deep. Read the fine print.

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