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Originally Posted by Dackz View Post

1. Yes, I do feel I am 'better' then picking a street race with someone. I have 'grown up' and out of that stage, I dont need to prove to anyone how fast or slow my car is.
We weren't talking about people wanting to race, but talking about how you feel you are a higher class human being due simply to the kind of car you drive. "Class" and status are obviously very important to you, which is why we said grow up.

4. As for performance engine sounds, I grew up on muscle car V8's. That being said, could by why I hate the sound of the WRX and bomby ricers so much. I know my 335 cant sound like a V8 so I dont even try to make it sound that way. M3, AMG, Audi S4 v8 sounds are awesome, just not practical for DD use.
That's just it. Not all performance engines sound like V8s. And most people building modded 6 and 4 cyl cars aren't trying to make their cars SOUND like V8s. It's just that when you mod them for performance, the sound they make is the sound they make. Go out to an SCCA or FIA road race and listen to the wide variety of sounds. Listen to performance motorcycles. THEY don't sound like V8s, either, and have yet a different sound altogether. A REAL enthusiast would be able to accept ALL the varying sounds of performance for what they are, not require them to be ONLY his/her version of what it should sound like. YOUR 335 should NOT sound like a V8. It should sound like a medium sized inline 6.

5. I think the wing looks ugly. De-classes the car IMO. Smaller wing, like on the non STI look fine.
Then your opinion is based on mistaken information. The wing is about homologating them for WRC use, meaning they are the \higher class versions of the car, if you were at all class sensitive. It's fully functional, and necessary for the car's intended role in the automotive performance spectrum.

6. I guess I am just not a fan of having anything too riced out.
Damn, I wish Bryan had never come up with that term, because the ignorant now use it to describe ANY car built/modded in a way they don't like. Factory Evos and STis are not riced out. They have purpose and function.

It's gotten so that the performance cars that ricers emulate are considered rice by people who haven't been around long enough to understand which concept came first. Rice is a slow economy car trying to look fast, even though it's still slow. Rice is NOT a race car, a factory homologated race car, or actual performance car.

Again, too each their own, whatever floats your boat. After all, its your car.
If you really felt that way, you'd have never made this thread, because you would not have cared what others do to their cars.

Flame away. I stand behind my reasoning.
Ahh, the old "my mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts" gambit. Holding tightly to a misinformed opinion is way more important than learning something and actually knowing what you're talking about, huh?