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I guess I should put them up for sale, 'cause the more I ask around the more I find that some people love it and some hate it.

As you all agree it's all about the personal syle of driving and the need based on the roads on which you drive the most.

Cause honestly the days we get a ton of snow I don't even take my car out, I'd rather take a cab.
Cause even if you do have the "best snow tires" chances are the car tailgating you don't!

Originally Posted by enfield View Post
It's always a trade-off. I am using Michelin PA-2's and they do not like ice. They are okay in snow. They are really good when it's dry or wet and cold. I decided to go with that because the snow removal system in London is pretty good.

Live & learn.... Perhaps you could try selling them and getting new tires for yourself.