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You're absolutely right Ben,

In terms of getting passed by other vehicles, it doesn't bother me that they can pass me by...You're right who cares, an idiot in a crappy car with bald tires can pass us by any day :-) and I'm sure most of the time most of us wouldn't even wanna catch them :-) my concern is the steering wheel feed back and the responsiveness is gone and I don't nearly feel as safe to drive as I usually do, IMHO my wrong choice has changed the driving characterestics that I always expect from my BMWs, and I've been a tad lucky to own a few of them.

Are you happy with your own compromise?
Do you do alot of deep snow driving?

Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
your 335i has a lot more power than your old 330ci..that could factor into your DSC going nuts...there's just too much torque

in regards to "best winter tires," it's pretty much subjected to the preference of the drivers...some regard it as giving the best traction in the deep snow...some regard it as giving better responsiveness in the cold/snow... you should have done some more homework before you bought it...

To put you at ease, my m3 gets passed by corollas and civics daily ...who cares? Oh, I'm on 18" hankook w300..their reponsiveness is pretty crappy too, but it's expected ...If it bothers you a lot, go for high performance winter tires. I doubt it'll be any good for real snow, but since you don't seem to drive in those condition anyways, it might work for you.