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Well I don't know any of you (yet) but FWIW, the Vantage was to be the dream car that I could never afford but was going to happen. The M3 (waiting to be ordered) was next. But after looking at both (and an XKR also), the M3 won out because it was the kind of car that I appreciated for what it does, not what it is. The Aston (any Aston) is a fantastic car and stunning to look at. I met Ian Callum a few years ago in Detroit and told him that I'd someday own one of his designs. Could have happened but it didn't. I've made the right choice. But as for yours and your dad's preference.....quite frankly, driving and owning anything in this range (including the Bentley) shouldn't cause concern about costs associated to upkeep. Reliability - yes, but upkeep and regular servicing, no.

JMO (and would I have one as an occaisonal driver if I could afford it.....absolutely!!!), Mark