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Originally Posted by xxe92xx View Post
when you say you lower the car to its proper stance do you leave it on the jack? or do add a jack stand?
Just on the lowered jack, making the car look level, with the brake rotor a few inches from the ground (don't like leaving the chassis twisted any more than needed, but that's just me), with a piece of 4x4 under the jack's 'arm'. As others and I said, if you're going to leave the car lifted for hours, put it on jack stands.
I've left it for an hour, and 'arm' was still the same 2 millimeters or so from the wood block. When I work on a wheel, I always check everything around the area, clean the fender well, and clean the inside of the wheel. Since I don't get under any car component, that works for me. If I'm going to put even a finger under the car, it goes on jack stands. Take care.