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Originally Posted by AW325xi View Post

It seemed that Berger didn't have a good relationship with Speed. Especially at the end of their time together. Speed spun in the same area Hamilton spun on a very wet track that ended up being the last straw for Speed and the team. Not a good way to go out of the sport.

Plain and simply, if you're in an F1 car, you can drive. I got into arguments (yes, another forum) about how Jensen and Ruebens weren't washed up and weren't terrible drivers because they were at the back of the pack in the Honda cars.


I know about Speed. I followed him all through his F1 career (That damned Racer X always gave him trouble)

I just like ripping on him because he got demoted to nascar. That and hes not the most polite person on the planet. I can understand why people didnt like him.

And I never said that he couldnt drive. I was simply saying that I hope US F1 fairs better in F1 than Scott Speed did.