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Originally Posted by benmoooon View Post

Its not that WRX/STI owners choose to make it sound like a VW Bug, its just the design of the engine.

Both the WRX & VW BUG have boxer engine design that creates the rumble sound.

Porshces also have the rumble sound because it also uses a boxer engine

Thank you for the reply as to why it sounds that way. I did not know this and plead ignorance of the motor on that one.

A couple of things to address.

1. Yes, I do feel I am 'better' then picking a street race with someone. I have 'grown up' and out of that stage, I dont need to prove to anyone how fast or slow my car is.

2. No, WRX's are not a dime a dozen here, but what is a common theme, is the ones that are modded all seem to be 19-23 year old college guys, hence him just being at the 'age' of needing to do that stuff I guess.

3. It does not snow here in CO all of the time. In the Mtns, yes, on the front range, no. This has been an obscene winter, especially in the northern CO front range. 50+" this winter so far. Last winter we had 10" until April came when we got 30"...that was an anomolly too. We might get snow often in winter, but for every snow day, we have days of 50-60 degress thrown in there too.

4. As for performance engine sounds, I grew up on muscle car V8's. That being said, could by why I hate the sound of the WRX and bomby ricers so much. I know my 335 cant sound like a V8 so I dont even try to make it sound that way. M3, AMG, Audi S4 v8 sounds are awesome, just not practical for DD use.

5. I think the wing looks ugly. De-classes the car IMO. Smaller wing, like on the non STI look fine.

6. I guess I am just not a fan of having anything too riced out. Again, too each their own, whatever floats your boat. After all, its your car.

Flame away. I stand behind my reasoning.