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Originally Posted by PLAY View Post
I love how people are throwing in Porsche into this thread.
A WRX STi, sounds nothing like a Porsche. You can't compare a WRX STI to a Porsche. Enough said.

Heres an example. And this is only a CAYMAN S.

You can't say anything about a cars reliablity by saying your 135i has burnt tail lights. Having burnt taillights is hit or miss, not a mechanical error.
A Cayman sounds nothing like an old air cooled porsche with the air box removed. I owned an STI for 3 years and I own a 1991 C4, so why wouldn't I compare them? That cayman has equal length headers so NO it won't sound the same.

As far as reliability you can compare. Electrical issues plague BMW's historically. Subaru is far more reliable, not to mention the cost of parts. Heck a new shortblock from the factory is less expensive than the 335i HPFP.