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Originally Posted by Muffnbluff View Post
The WRX has a unique rumble because the headers are unequal length, if you put on equal length headers the car sounds totally different.

And to the OP...sounds like you're a pretty big douche too, personifying the BMW stereotype of people who think they're better than everyone else.

I own an STi and a BMW, I love both cars for different reasons. Yes, the BMW is way more luxurious and refined. But the STi is just a raw, visceral experience that is a blast to drive. And say what you will about Subarus, my STi has over 40k miles and is putting out 150% of the stock horsepower (380whp), still on the stock clutch. I've never had to take that car in for repairs. My 135i had both tail lights go out in less than 2,000 miles.
This is correct. Unfortunately I hate the sound of the STI/WRX with equal length headers. I love the sound of the boxer motor. Porche have a rumble also when modified. My C4 with an intake and no air box sounds awesome. More even as it has equal length headers, but very full and throaty.

I love the sound of the subies. TEIO!