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Zak James

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BMW M3 Jump start wrong way


Can anyone tell me if they know what could be wrong with my car. I am a complete novice but jump started numerous cars including his one before. I wired up jump leads to my car the correct way but the wrong way on the other car. Trie to jump it and then noticed leads smoking so quickly took off jump leads. Then the car would not start. I called RAC and the guy tested the lead to the fuel pump which has no power. He has freaked me out a bit because he said the CPU could be fried which even I know will be a lot of money. Has anyone ever done this and what is the most likely scenario. i.e. which electrics would be out and is it likely to cost me a fortune. I have a E46 M3, 60,000 miles. Lights still seem to be working and engines turning over but just no fuel pump going.

I appreciate any advice.