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Angry Gislavad Nord Frost 5 winter tires

A few days ago I purchased a set of 17" M5 rep. rims and tires and the salesman told me to get the Gislavad Nord Frost 5 tires for my 335 coupe cause they are one of the best winter tires!
Honestly this was one of the very few occasions that I went ahead with something like this without doing my homework first!!!!
Cause I dropped by the shop after work and just wanted it done the same night!

After driving on them for a few days I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE TIRES!!!!!
The steering precision is not there! The ride feels too mushy and squishy! and on completely dry roads when I press the gas a little to take over another vehicle on the highway DSC keeps kicking in and I lose power! on the 25th I was driving to Oakville and it was raining pretty hard but the temperature was about +3, the traction on the wet road felt so bad that I had to dramatically slow down!!!!Got passed by all the Honda Civics!!!!

I read a bit about these tires on the internet! only afterwards though!
And I guess they are only good for extreme snow driving and I believe they are an overkill for someone who lives in condo in Downtown T.O. and only drives around GTA and Oakville!

These are the exact specs of the tires :

Gislavad Nord Frost 5

205/50 R17 93T M+S Extra Load
Radial tubeless

Wondering if anybody else has these tires on their car?
Well I'm sure none of us buy bimmers only to drive them like Toyota Corollas for a few months every year!!!
On my previous E46 330ci I believe I had H rated Michelin and I loved them, great winter traction and no handling compromise whatsoever!!!

A little bit of help would be appreciate it!

I'm going in today to see what I can do.